Help to create a quiet environment on your wards......

The constant drone of TV set to a higher than normal volume, with people using the service glued to chairs, staring at the TV not really engaging and interacting does not encourage meaningful participation.

Here is a way that you create quiet participation for most of the people on the ward in fun and unobtrusive manner

Using wireless remote headphone technology, it is possible to povide several meaningful activities to encourage engagement without being obtrusive.

1.  The activities co-ordinator can provide music appreciation, relaxation and music request sessions and be free to wander amongst users of the service by providing wireless headphones to each individual and that person can set the volume to a level suitable for that individual, providing them a choice.

2. The content can be varied, sometimes a music request session can be offered and other times a fixed content of a specific artist can be provided. Some of these music appreciation stories can be downloaded free of charge in MP3 format, and can used in your area to provide suitable alternative engaging entertainment with little effort.

What would I need to provide silent technology for people that use our services.

It would be prudent to start off with a few headphones initially, typically 5, and you can grow to the number of headphones that would cover the demand. A trolley, to hang the headphones when not in use and a power extension lead to provide power to the transmitter if you are using 1 channel or power to 2 transmitters if you are using 2 channels to transmit your content.

You could use an existing laptop, iPad, mp3 player to broadcast downloaded and saved content or even connect a TV to the transmitter, to help create a quiet environment. With all of the devices you would need to download the content that you choose to use, or if you have access to WiFi, you can stream the content, live. We have found that it is more reliable to download the content, save the content in a folder called 'Content for Headphones' to make it easier for others activity coordinators to find, when it is needed for broadcast.

If you would like to offer a music request session, where people that use the service can request their favourite tunes, you would require a subscription to Spotify, which can be tried free for a month, or you may have your own subscription that can use, to start off with. Some request slips, and if you would like to provide the ability to read and transmit a special message to the listeners of your programme, you would need a microphone and a small mixer to enable announcements during your session. The music request session has proven to be a very popular.