About Us



Dave Diss Promotions e-commerce site will provide you with a 'no questions asked' service commitment. We have been involved in the Mental Health sector for many years and Dave has  been closely involved with modern digital innovation, and the provision of technology to enhance the lives of people that suffer ongoing mental health conditions such as emotional unstable personality disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, learning difficulties and dementia. In the scope of our vocation we are very happy to 'pay it forward' and provide life enhancing support to our users all over the world. Your support in our on line shopping venture makes it possible for us to provide assistance, education and activities for people who need our assistance to achieve their aims in life. Our current project is to provide people with mental health issues to have the opportunity to express themselves through music, recording and performances. For these activities to take place we need to be able to provide things such as musical instruments, microphones, music tablature, software and electronic equipment to capture the performances. Your help on our site when you buy something provides us the means to ensure that we can help people in need to achieve more and inspire each individual to achieve something better in life.