Download or listen to content for your groups and sessions

Find tracks that you can use in your groups. Download the track, save it to your computer, iPad or MP3 player, connect it to an amplifier and you are ready to entertain the people that use your services. Alternatively, if you have wireless headphones, connect your source device, a TV, computer, iPad, or a cheap MP3 player to the transmitter and you can transmit the content wirelessly and quietly to all who are using the Sony wireless headphones




Here are a few pre recorded music appreciation tracks that you can use in your service to help create a quieter environment using wireless headphones technology. 

If you are interested in producing content and would like to share your content, please send your file, video or audio, for verification and if suitable, it will be posted, and please remember to leave your details in order for you to be credited for your effort and time. You may have already uploaded content to YouTube or Vimeo and if you would like it highlighted on this site please send a link and it can be imbedded onto the site.


Here are a few pre recorded relaxation tracks that you use in your service to help create a quieter environment. You may want to use air loungers, for users of your service to lie on during the relaxation session, which we have found enhances the relaxation experience and created a bigger demand for relaxation sessions in acute services.


Below, please find some tracks that you can use for people who speak other languages. The content here will grow in the near future as it becomes available