3-in-1 Paint Darwi Paint & Peel 80 ml Black 100

3-in-1 Paint Darwi Paint & Peel 80 ml Black 100

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Brand: DARWI


  • 3-in-1 Paint Darwi & peel 80 ml Black 100

Publisher: Darwi

Details: Darwi Paint & Peel 3-in-1 Deductible Colour 80 ml bottle Image paint for glass and porcelain For the implementation of 3D Objeketen The transparent, highly bright colour, water. After drying Can be transferred from the carrier material on all other smooth materials The colours can be applied over another, without mixing To decorate the smooth materials Such as glass, tile, mirrors, appliances Suitable for the achievement of three dimensional objects (flowers, butterflies ... ) Applications: Slide the template to a plastic and draw The contours of the vial to contours of colour. After one hour drying time to paint on the contours of Buttons with various colours Leave overnight to dry. The colours are transparent drying Solve The screen after drying of the Shell and take it on a Smooth fluid of your choice ---Visit my store everything an artist needs

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