Darwi 3 in 1 Paint and Peel 80 ml Pink 475

Darwi 3 in 1 Paint and Peel 80 ml Pink 475


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Brand: DARWI


  • Darwi 3 in 1 paint and peel 80 ml Pink 475

Publisher: Darwi

Details: Darwi
Paint and peel
3 in 1
Removable colour
80 ml bottle
Motif colour for glass and porcelain
For the realisation of 3D Objeketen
Transparent, super bright colour, water-based.
Can be dry and away from the base material can be transferred to all other smooth materials
The colours can be applied on top of and doesn't gather to blend
Practical and fun choice for creating delicious smooth backing materials,
Such as glass, tiles, mirrors, Home Appliance,
Suitable for the make of three-dimensional items
(flowers, butterflies,...)
Push it the template into a plastic case and drawing
The contours with the bottle of the outline colour may vary.
After an hour drying time the contours of your dog's fill the to be painted
Surfaces are coated with the different colours made of
Dried overnight Lassen.
The colours are spread apart as you dry translucent
Remove the image directly, cure with from the
Case from the skin and bring it to a
Smooth surface of your choice to put on -- please visit my shop Everything The Artist need

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